Heroes Characters by Power

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Can you name the character from 'Heroes' from the powers given?

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Control of time and space
Muscle memory
Amplifys the powers of others
Controls electronics
Enhanced strength; multiple personalities
Turns into water and can freeze others
Photographic memory
Aquires the abilities of others, usually by killing
Manipulates the earth and earthly objects
Aquires other's abilities (can only have one power at a time)
Mind reading and mind manipulation
Paints the future
Cries poison
Stops sister's power
Passes through objects and allows objects to pass through him
Creates fire
Erases other's memories; blocks other's abilities when near them
Heals illnesses and injuries of living things
Creates and manipulates radiation
Can locate anyone when that person is thought about
Electric manipulation
Changes the atomic properties of objects
Mind reading; dream and memory manipulation
'Puppet mastery'
Enhanced speed
Activates and deactivates objects
Takes other's abilities (the individual loses their ability)
Sees sound as colour; turns sound into physical force
Knows another's location and description when their picture is drawn on her back in ink
Sees the future in her dreams

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