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1921-24 (NC)First-team All-America
1923-26 (NC)National Player of the Year
1938-41 (20)National Player of the Year
1944-46 (8)Second-team All-America
1945-48 (9)First-team All-America
1954-57 (10)National Player of the Year
1955-58 (35)First-team All-America
1955-58 (40)Second-team All-America
1957-60 (12)First-team All-America
1958-61 (22)Second-team All-America
1958-61 (35)First-team All-America
1960-63 (11)Olympic Gold Medal
1962-65 (32)First-team All-America
1964-67 (22)First-team All-America
1965-68 (44)First-team All-America
1967-70 (33)Olympic Gold Medal, First-team All-America
1969-72 (31)Second-team All-America
1969-72 (44)First-team All-America
1971-72 (35)First-team All-America
1971-74 (34)First-team All-America
1972-76 (21)First-team All-America, Olympic Gold Medal
1973-77 (23)Olympic Gold Medal
1973-77 (45)Olympic Gold Medal, Second-team All-America
1974-78 (12)National Player of the Year
1976-80 (31)First-team All-America
1977-81 (30)First-team All-America
1979-82 (52)National Player of the Year
1980-84 (41)Olympic Gold Medal, First-team All-America
1981-84 (23)National Player of the Year
1982-86 (42)First-team All-America
1983-87 (30)First-team All-America
1986-89 (34)First-team All-America
1989-93 (34)MVP of NCAA Champions
1990-94 (00)First-team All-America
1992-95 (21)NCAA Tournament MOP
1993-95 (42)First-team All-America
1993-95 (30)First-team All-America
1995-98 (15)First-team All-America, Olympic Gold Medal
1995-98 (33)National Player of the Year
1997-2001 (00)Second-team All-America
1999-2001 (40)First-team All-America
2002-05 (2)MVP of NCAA Champions
2002-05 (42)MVP of NCAA Champions, First-team All-America, NCAA Tournament MOP
2002-05 (34)Second-team All-America
2005-09 (50)National Player of the Year
2006-09 (5)Second-team All-America, ACC Player of the Year
2006-09 (22)NCAA Tournament MOP

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