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Can you name the Can you name the Book of Mormon book (3 Nephi through Moroni) and chapter number by its chapter head?

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HeadingBook and chapter
Moroni recounts the wonders and marvels done by faith; the Lord gives men weakness that they may be humble
Jesus teaches the Nephites the Lord's prayer; the 12 are commanded to take no thought of temporal things in their ministry
The coming forth of the Book of Mormon is a sign that the Lord has commenced to gather Israel and fulfill His covenants
Jesus institutes the sacrament among the Nephites; the disciples are given power to confer the Holy Ghost
The Nephites and Lamanites are converted to the Church of Christ; they have all things common, work miracles, and prosper in the land
The Nephites repent and forsake their sins; Mormon writes their history and declares the word
Akish forms an oath-bound secret combination to slay the king; modern Gentiles are warned about secret combinations that seek to overthrow their liberty
Christ quotes Malachi 4 to the Nephites
Ammaron instructs Mormon concerning the sacred records; wickedness, sorceries, and witchcraft prevail in the land
The Lamanites seek out and destroy the Nephites
Christ quotes Isaiah 54 to the Nephites
One king succeeds another; some kings are righteous, others are wicked
Jesus expounds all things from the beginning to the end; Babes and children utter marvelous things
Jesus announces that the law of Moses is fulfilled in Him; the Nephites are the 'other sheep' he told the people in Jerusalem about
Rival kingdoms of Shule and Cohor are set up; prophets condemn the wickedness of the people
Ether spoke of a New Jerusalem to be built in America by the seed of Joseph
Jesus will visit others of the lost sheep of Israel; the Lord's people shall see eye to eye when he brings again Zion
Moroni calls upon those who do not believe in Christ to repent; miracles cease because of unbelief
The iniquity of the people brings a curse on the land; blood and carnage cover the land
Jesus provides bread and wine miraculously and again administers the sacrament unto the Nephites
Moroni is commanded to seal up the writings of the brother of Jared; they won't be revealed until men have faith as the brother of Jared
The Jaredite barges are driven by the winds to the promised land; Orihah is appointed king
HeadingBook and chapter
Christ teaches that Israel shall be gathered when the Book of Mormon comes forth
The latter-day Gentiles are commanded to repent and come unto Christ and be numbered with the House of Israel
Moroni writes for the Lamanites
Emer saw the Son of Righteousness; a famine and poisonous serpents plague the people
War and carnage continue; greater wickedness prevails than ever before in all Israel
Mormon describes to Moroni the degenerate state of both the Nephites and Lamanites; he prays that goodness may rest upon Moroni forever
Nephi the son of Helaman departs out of the land; the sign of Christ's birth is given amidst unbelief and tumult
The Nephites gather to the land of Cumorah for the final battles; their nation is destroyed
Mormon cries repentance unto the Nephites; they gain a great victory and glory in their own strength
A testimony of the Book of Mormon comes by the power of the Holy Ghost; the gifts of the Spirit are dispensed to the faithful
Sacramental prayer for the wine
Mormon details why infantile baptism is an abomination
Mormon again leads the Nephite armies in battles of blood and carnage; the Book of Mormon shall come forth to convince all Israel that Jesus is the Christ
Tempests, earthquakes, fires, whirlwinds, and physical upheavals testify the crucifixion of Jesus Christ
The chief judge is murdered, the government is overthrown and the people divide into tribes; Jacob, an anti-Christ, becomes king over a league of tribes
Jesus calls and commissions the 12; he gives a sermon similar to the Sermon on the Mount
The Nephites and Lamanites unite themselves against the Gadianton robbers
Mormon leads the Nephite armies; the Nephites lament and mourn with the sorrowing of the damned
Sacramental prayer for the bread
Mormon invites the Lamanites of the latter days to believe in Christ, accept the gospel and be saved
Ordination is by laying on of hands
Jesus directs the people to ponder his words and pray for understanding; angels minister to and fire encircles their little ones
HeadingBook and chapter
The brother of Jared sees the finger of the Lord; Christ shows His spirit body to him
Jesus commands them to call the Church in His name; His mission and atoning sacrifice constitute His gospel
The Jaredites prepare for their journey; the Lord asks the brother of Jared to propose how the barges be lit
Three witnesses and the work itself shall stand as a testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon
The 12 minister unto the people and pray for the Holy Ghost; they are baptized and receive the Holy Ghost
There is silence in the land for many hours; the voice of Christ promises to gather the people as a hen gathers her chickens
Moroni quotes a sermon by Mormon about faith, hope and charity
Nine of the 12 desire and are promised an inheritance in Christ's kingdom when they die; the 3 Nephites are translated so they will never taste of death
Christ quotes Malachi 3 to the Nephites
The Father testifies of his Beloved Son; Christ appears and proclaims His atonement
Millions of Jaredites are slain in battle; the Jaredite nation is utterly destroyed; only Coriantumr remains
Jesus approves the words of Isaiah; He commands the people to search the prophets
The language of the Jaredites is not confounded at the Tower of Babel
The Nephites defeat the army of robbers; Giddianhi is slain and Zemnarihah is hanged
Jesus commands: Judge not, ask of God, beware of false prophets
Wars, dissensions and wickedness dominate Jaredite life; people reject the prophets
In the darkness the voice of Christ proclaims that the destruction was because of the people's wickedness
Giddianhi demands that Lachoneus and the Nephites surrender themselves and their lands
Repentant church members are forgiven; proceedings of meetings are set forth
Jesus gave the apostles power to confer the Gift of the Holy Ghost
The Nephites prosper and pride, wealth and class distinctions arise; murderers of the prophets conspire to take the government

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