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to conclude
to heal
to drive
to cry
to fear
to miss
to laugh
to admire
to invite
to guarantee
to kill
to dress
to park
to invest
to iron
to stay
to learn
to investigate
to wash
to guess
to serve
to find
to gether
to put
to confirm
to fail
to be born
to suffer
to discover
to live
to explore
to quarral
to announce
to arrest
to promise
to bless
to have lunch
to smile
to ask
to cancel
to book/reserve
to happen
to turn on
to fill in
to hate
to control
to lie
to forgive
to love
to bury
to last
to look for
to get on
to exchange
to travel
to break
to follow
to send
to escape
to build
to digest
to observe
to greet
to agree
to push
to choose
to win
to grow
to scream
to discuss
to count
to visit
to unite
to boil
to donate
to enjoy
to carry/to wear
to hang
to have dinner
to correct
to remember
to see
to answer
to rent
to taste
to jump
to swallow
to try
to walk
to run
to exist
to fly
to get off
to defend
to explain
to lean, put down
to wish
to dream
to move
to navigate
to decide
to succeed
to hide
to resume
to enter
to sign
to begin again
to leave
to allow
to give a gift
to host
to fall
to hire
to move
to die
to cut
to result
to clean
to accompany

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