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Number of hearts Per life
Name of seeds that grow into trees
Name of Largest Minecraft Convention
Name of 'Hell dimension'
# of Obsidian blocks needed to make a portal.
Green and explodes in your face
Price of Beta (in Euros)
Lead developer of Minecraft (as of 2012)
Basic Liquid needed for all potions
Name of 'music' Block
Name of official Minecraft blog
Wolf alter-ego
Website url (not including http://www.)
Number of different tree types (spell the number out)
This animal comes in multipe colors
# of gold ingots needed to make a watch (spell the number out)
Max # of eggs per inventory slot
Creators real name
creator's user name
Data Value of a Diamond Block
This is used to tame a wolf
Name of Development company
Largest English Youtube following (channel name)
Nether Native Creature (not pig men or Ghasts))
Name one monster not killed by sunlight
Last one: day minecraft was launched (only put month and day)
Produce Ink Sacks
Health of Dragon
Lays Eggs
Seconds reqired to Mine Obsidon

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