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Name of 'music' Block
Name of Largest Minecraft Convention
Number of different tree types (spell the number out)
Name of Development company
# of Obsidian blocks needed to make a portal.
Wolf alter-ego
This animal comes in multipe colors
Green and explodes in your face
Name one monster not killed by sunlight
Basic Liquid needed for all potions
Data Value of a Diamond Block
Produce Ink Sacks
Nether Native Creature (not pig men or Ghasts))
Lead developer of Minecraft (as of 2012)
Name of official Minecraft blog
Last one: day minecraft was launched (only put month and day)
This is used to tame a wolf
Name of 'Hell dimension'
creator's user name
Name of seeds that grow into trees
# of gold ingots needed to make a watch (spell the number out)
Largest English Youtube following (channel name)
Lays Eggs
Health of Dragon
Number of hearts Per life
Max # of eggs per inventory slot
Creators real name
Price of Beta (in Euros)
Seconds reqired to Mine Obsidon
Website url (not including http://www.)

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