First Aid Nerve Lesions

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Can you name the Nerve Lesions?

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Loss of foot inversion and plantar flexion and no sensation on sole of foot?
Trendelenberg sign (hip drops with walking)?
Loss of thigh adduction and medial thigh sensory loss?
Total claw hand?
Winged scapula?
Brachioradialis, extensors of wrist and fingers, supinator, triceps/wrist drop?
Loss of thigh flexion and leg extension and anterior thigh and medial leg sensatory loss?
Decreased arm and forearm flexion?
Foot eversion and dorsiflexion; foot drop; steppage gait?
Decreased arm abduction at shoulder and sensory in that area?
Pope's blessing and ulnar deviation?
Partial claw hand and radial deviation?
Can't jump, climb stairs, or rise from seated position?
'Waiter's tip'?

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