Friends: TOW No One's Ready

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Can you name the events/key points from this Friends episode?

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Whose event is the gang trying to attend?
When we first see Rachel, she's wearing two different colored socks. What are the colors?
What does Ross answer when Rachel asks why he didn't come over earlier?
The 'cider' Joey drinks is actually...
Finish this quote: 'Uh huh. Yeah, right after I thank everyone for giving money to the museum, I sing a song about the wonder that is _________'
Ross claims Phoebe is his star. She says he is her what?
Joey and Chandler argue about what?
Monica leaves a message on Richard's machine and ends it saying she's this:
Chandler says that the cushions are the what of the chair?
Who says 'Hey! Opposite is opposite!'
What is Phoebe supporting when she says she'll be 'political'?
What does Ross have on his watch?
Who's the 'bitch' who's always hated Monica?
Besides Joey, who is also going commando?
Ross is willing to drink the fat to prove his love for Rachel. He compares the fat to what?

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