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A girl wouldn't sleep with me because of my nubbin
My grandma had an Egyptian Sphynx cat when I was a little girl
I got candy hearts made for my Bingaling for Valentines Day
I am the reason why Chandler doesn't have a pinky toe
I secretly smoke and blame it on my wife
My favorite song is from the Lion King
I never learned how to ride a bike
I'm secretly in love with Rachel
I am Rachel's boss's (Bloomingdale's) niece
I have a bedtime penguin pal named Hugsy
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I have two mommies and one daddy
I accidentally swallowed Ross's grandmother's ring (the one he was going to give to Emily
I am a firm believer is Unagi, the state of total awareness
My alias is Crap Bag
When I was only a few days old, only my aunt could get me to go to sleep
I am a 'love machine' and a 'neat guy'
I lost a toe to frostbite
I made Monica have doubts when she thought Chandler never wanted to get married
I moved and handed my apartment over to Ross

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