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Lyric: she lick me like a _ (1, # missinMissing Part: lollipopSong Name: Lollipop
ok you're a goon, but what's a goon to a _ (1)Milli
even deaf bit**es say 'hi' to me, she tell the blind bit** and _ _ _ _ _ (5)Upgrade You
ima need a coupe, i wont need a roof, flyer than _, _, _ (3)Mr. Carter
Y - M - E for _ _ _ (3)Di** Pleaser
She was my down chick, I was her soldier I was her Gangster, She was my shoulder You were the _ _ _ _ (4) Bang!Something You Forgot
My home boys say I should slow down a little, but this **** I'm on make me _ _ _ _ (4)Me and My Drank
Damn, Ima get in the nig***'s chest like a bunch of phlegm, Like a fu**in' ram, Ima hunt for the lamb, Ima dump 'em man, _ _ _ _ (4)Let the Beat Build
Got me feelin' like Scarface, Light _ _ (2)Hustler Musik
Dear Mr. Toilet, I'm the sh** Got these other haters pi**ed 'cause my _ _ _ (3)Money On My Mind
Baby, I'm a groupie, My sex game is stupid, My head is the dumbest, I promise, I should be _ _ _, YeahEvery Girl
Lyric: she lick me like a _ (1, # missinMissing Part: lollipopSong Name: Lollipop
And you ain't sh** if you ain't never been screwed up, Flow so sick, make you _ _ _ _ _ (5)Phone Home
If you the sh**, then I am sewer rich Try me and I'll have your _ _ _ (3)We Steady Mobbin'
You see i handle mine, I dismantle mine I told her toolbox, Bit** _ _ (2)Let the Beat Build
I'm so tired of these haters, that's why I go hard _ _ _ (3)Fed Up (DJ Khaled ft. Lil Wayne)
If I had one guess, then, I guess I'm just _ _ (2)Forever (Drake ft. Lil Wayne)
Yes, Im nasty as a scorpio, But Ima lucky libra, Got her wet, like shes _ _ _ _ (4) wowP****, Money, Weed
I dont want the glow, I want the glo-ry, And Ima f*** the world, But this is _ _ (2)Successful (Drake ft. Lil Wayne)
We, Ball first when we ride, You, _ _ _ (3) when you rideI'm So Paid (Akon ft. Lil Wayne)
I got a grill, I don't have to get my tooth fixed, The tooth fairy _ _ _ _ _ _ (6)Kush
So let the missiles rain on your parade, Cause my love is a soldier and my heart _ _ _ (3), KabloomI'm At War (Sean Kingston ft. Lil Wayne)

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