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Can you name the following things about Steve Balik?

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I go to what school?
How many times have I struck the Lawn there?
In what town did I grow up?
What was my elected position in high school?
Where do I have a scar from falling off a bike?
What languages have I studied?
How many cars have I totaled?
What bug am I scared to death of?
The Senior Prank I helped organize involved what office material?
What is my favorite band of all time?
What piece of furniture ended up on a roof because of me?
What is my (potential) major?
How would I describe myself politically?
Which 'It's Always Sunny' character is my favorite?
Favorite place to eat in Charlottesville?
Place of employment in high school?
Favorite drinking game?
Name a state that I want to live in:
Favorite sport?
Alex and I are undefeated all-time at what game?
Number of buildings/structures I have roofed?
What is the name of the blog I sporadically update?

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