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English WordWordHint
to recognizeto re know
failurestarts with f
to pass a lawto pass is an ar verb
to enjoyar verb
well-beingcontains verb 'to be'
to chooseer verb
to opressir verb
the abuse of powerdon't forget the article
prisonerstarts with p
coup3 words
to kidnapstarts with s
human rightsplural.
jailstarts with c
to leadar verb
crimestarts with d
to carry out/executear verb
to abusear verb
strikestarts with h
(un)fairno es _____
food/nourishmentaccent on final o, dont type
to spread (as in info)ir verb
pacifiststarts with p
arrested/detainedcognate with detained
insurancestarts with s
court/trialstarts with t
English WordWordHint
illiteratesounds like alphabeto
to attackar verb
guiltysimilar to to blame
(in)equalityequality part starts with i
to judgear verb
to influence ir verb
politicianstartis with p
political partycognate
governmentstarts with g
to demandir verb
threatstarts with a
exiledstarts with d
to pardenar verb
lawstarts with l
slaverystarts with e
quality of lifenot qualidad
to black mail ar verb
to shatterar verb
to be borner verb
to behaveer, reflexive
to fleeir verb
armyaccent on second e, don't type it
opressedstarts with o
cruel treatmentcruel is a cognate
to have the right toexactly how it sounds
peacestarts with p
English WordWordHint
to arrestar verb
powerstarts with p
activiststarts with a
fearsimilar to 'to fear'
to blamesimilar to guilty
civil warcivil is cognate
scandalaccent on a, don't type it
beliefstarts with c
to chooseir verb
wage/salarycognate with salary
to imprisionar verb, sounds like incarcerate
to ensurear verb
to fearer verb
healthsay it when someone sneezes
to subject tostarts with s
to protectar verb
human beings starts with s
languagefalse cognate
fightstarts with l
anystarts with c
thoughtstarts with p
presidentstarts with p

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