Commercial Jingles 2

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What would you do for a ______?
The ultimate driving machine.
______, take me away!
Please don't squeeze the ______.
Like a rock.
Where a kid can be a kid.
It just keeps going, and going, and going
The happiest place on earth.
Time to make the Doughnuts.
The world on time.
Fair and Balanced.
Don't get mad, get ______.
Finger lickin' good.
Kid tested, mother approved
There are some things money can't by. For everything else there's ______.
We try harder.
Do the Dew.
The taste of a new generation.
How do you spell 'relief'
That was easy!
Made from the best stuff on Earth
If it's got to be clean it's got to be ______.
Silly rabbit! ______ are for kids!
The few, the proud, the ______.

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