Name the actors by their characters Part 2

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Can you name the Name the actors by the characters they have portrayed again?

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White Queen, Agent 99, Ella
Bridget Jones, Irene Waters, Roxie Hart
James Bond, Professor Henry Jones, King Arthur
Fred Claus, Jeremy Gray, Peter La Fleur
Puss in Boots, Zorro, El Mariachi
Dr. Grace Augustine, Warden Walker, Ellen Ripley
Mary Jane Watson, Marie Antoinette, Torrance Shipman
Jerry Shaw, Sam Witwicky, Francis Ouimet
Norbit, John Dolittle, Donkey
Austin Powers, Shrek, Wayne Campbell
June Carter, Elle Woods, Melanie Smooter
White Goodman, Gaylord Focker, Derek Zoolander
Dr. Richard Kimble, Han Solo, Indiana Jones
Ethan Hunt, Jerry Maguire, Maverick
Julia Child, Miranda Priestly, Joanna Kramer
John Beckwith, Hansel, Jedediah
Eli, Malcolm X, Coach Herman Boone
Velma Kelly, Elena De La Vega, Isabel Lahiri
Agent K, Samuel Gerard, Two Face
Benjamin Gates, Memphis Raines, Ghost Rider

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