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Can you name the Name the actor/actress by the characters they have portrayed?

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Hanna Schmitz, Ophelia, April Wheeler
Tess Ocean, Erin Brockovich, Maggie Carpenter
Dr. Rick Marshall, Brennan Huff, Harold Crick
Margaret Tate, Gracie Hart, Annie Porter
Fletcher Reede, Andy Kaufman, Peter Appleton
Jane Bullard, Susan Storm, Nancy Callahan
Basher Tarr, Agent J.T. Roberts, Samir Horn
Nick Fury, Mace Windu, Neville Flynn
Scott Calvin, Luther Krank, Buzz Lightyear
Skeeter Bronson, John Clasky, Paul Crewe
Jinx Johnson, Storm, Catwoman
Reverend Frank, Sean Maguire, Alan Parrish
Vincent Vega, Danny Zuko, Captain Mike Kennedy
Mikaela Banes, Jennifer Check, Lilah
Anne Boleyn, Padme, Nina Sayers
Irene Adler, Claire Cleary, Regina George
Jane Smith, Lara Croft, Grendel's Mother
Robert Langdon, Carl Hanratty, Michael Sullivan
Linus Caldwell, Colin Sullivan, Jason Bourne
Elizabeth Swan, Guinevere, Elizabeth Bennet

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