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'I'm so depressed I've __ __ __ __ __ this week.'Kurt
'I'm in love with him and he's __ __. I'd say that's progress.'Kurt about Blaine
'I got you something special. It's okay, it's not going to __.'Sue to Will
'I open my mouth and a little __ __ __.'Kurt
'Someone get me to a __ __ stat!'Kurt
'I think my cat has been __ __ __.'Brittany
'My body is like a rum __ __. If it's not warmed up properly, it doesn't rise.'Kurt
'Is it the __ __ my new doctor gave me?'Sue
'Ladies, my __-__ weapon.'Sue when showing off her new cannon
'I don't wanna die yet. At least not until __ __ __ gets cancelled.'Brittany
'Bring it.' '__.'Sam and Finn
'Blaine and I love football. Well, Blaine loves football. I love __.'Kurt
'Hello. I'm Kurt Hummel and I'll be auditioning for the role of __.'Kurt
'When I pulled my hamstring I went to a __.'Brittany
'Jesse, maybe you can come on 'Fondue for Two' and __ __ __.'Brittany to Jesse
'What's a ballad?' 'It'a a __ __.'Will and Brittany
'No one ever taught me how to __ __ __.'Brittany
'I totally almost choked on a __ once.'Sam
'You just got __.'Zizes
'Why are we sitting on the floor?' ''Cause we're __ __.'Brittany and Ms. Holiday
'Call us.' 'Sorry, but __ __ __ __.'girls and Blaine
'It's not cheating because...' 'The __ different.'Santana and Brittany
'I know where __ come from.'Brittany
'...hit single 'Tik and also Tok' by rapper __-__ __ -__...'Principal Figgins
'You can't prove there isn't a __ __ floating around on the dark side of the moon with a dwarf inside of it that reads romance novels and shoots lightning out of its boobs, but it Kurt to Mercedes
QuoteMissing WordsCharacter
'Why don't we just play it on __?!'Warblers Council Member about Blaine's suggestion for a duet
'...World War __...'Sue
'A Latina __ __. OK if you are going to be gay you simply must know who that is.'Kurt
'They're going to throw fruit at us, and I __ __ __ __.'Kurt
'...Family is a place where everyone loves you no matter what, and they accept you for __ __ __.'Brittany
'My kids are at least attractive. Yours look like they haven't __ __ __.'Goolsby
'Kurt: Did you know I could get ahi tartare and a steak sandwich at 3 in the morning from their all-night dining menu? I feel like __.' 'I have pills for that.'Kurt and Brittany
'We have to go in. Strike that we have to __ __.'Kurt to Rachel
'That's sweet, you remembered the __ __ of my designer boots.'Jesse
'I make my living singing __ __.'Kurt
'You know, just because we're doing this interview doesn't mean i'm still not mad at you. 'Cause I know you __ __ again.'Brittany to Lord Tubbington
'Eat your heart out __ __.'Kurt after being crowned Prom Queen
'I'm going to go to prom by myself and really work on me and dance with __ __ __.'Brittany
'I would like to graduate high school knowing how to make some sort of __.'Kurt
'Lord Tubbington is allowed to __ __ because he's on Atkins.'Brittany
'Because you're __ and I'm __?'Brittany to Santana
'Mercedes is black. I'm gay. __ __ __.'Kurt
'__ are like crack to me.'Kurt
'I've known since you were three. All you wanted for your birthday was a pair of __ __.'Burt to Kurt
'In fact, I like minorities so much, I'm thinking of moving to __ to become one. 'Sue
'But if they want to be bankers and lawyers and captains of industry, the most important lesson they could possibly learn is how to do a __ __.'Sue about the Cheerios
'Sometimes I forget my __ __. 'Brittany
'Oh, hey William. I thought I smelled cookies wafting from the ovens of the __ __ who live in your hair. 'Sue to Will
'He wore a __ to second period today.'Rachel about Kurt
'Why do we have to go all vanilla on this song? See, what we need is my __ __. 'Mercedes

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