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We give IV fluids only during surgery if the PCV is greater or less than 20?
When performing a leak check of the anesthesia machine fast flush the oxygen to __cm H2O
Active expulsion of stomach contents that occurs in concious patients
sighthounds are sensitive to what anesthetic agents?
max hours a catheter can be left in place
A surgery room contaminated with waste gases combined with having difficulty keeping a patient anesthetized are signs of what?
Maximum allowable additional length over optimum for an endotracheal tube
The amount of air that passes in or out of the lungs in a single breathe is the ____ volume
Pressure when gas exits the oxygen flow meter is __psi
This assists with placement of endotracheal tubes in animals with laryngospasms
Use of a ventilator to deliver oxygen and gas is what type of ventilation?
We give IV fluids and whole blood during surgery if the PCV is greater or less than 20?
Pediatric refers to animals between _ and _weeks old
What does VIC mean?
A passive process of an unconcious or concious patient that does not contain pieces of food.
When squeezing a bag to breathe for a patient the manometer should not read higher than __ cm H2O
food and water should be withheld for __ hours before surgery
HVLP stand for
Another name for the oxygen gas line
A good way to track patient hydration status is this: 1 kg weight loss= __ L fluid loss
term for a head with a shortened muzzle such as a pug
what is used for additional support during intubation in some circumstances?
General range of tube size for cats
This animal is sensitive to lidocaine
An animal with a physical status Class I is healthy or unhealthy?
Boxers and giant breeds are very sensitive to what anesthetic agent?
Is inspiration or expiration longer?
atelectasis is a term for what?
term for a dog with an average sized skull
A neonate is less than _ weeks old
A 20kg dog will use what size tube?
The amount of oxygen the patient uses to run boduly functions is the what?
Cuff inflation should be checked again after how many minutes?
Non-Rebreathing systems are used in patients under __kg
Another name for the line pressure gauge
Tube size increases or decreases by 1mm for every __kg difference from 20?
Use pediatric drip sets in patients under _kg
The oxygen fast flush should not be used with what type of anesthesia system?
What is the name of the instrument used to guide an endotracheal tube in as well as help visualize where to place it
term for a long skulled dog
What type of endotracheal tube is used in birds and some reptiles?
If there is a leak at 40cm H2O what do you turn the flowmeter to? (mL/min)
Another name for the air intake valve
international color of oxygen lines
Another name for the common gas outlet
Another name for the pop off valve
Curved blade laryngoscope
There is a major risk of ___ when using an endotracheal tube during laser surgery
Type of IV fluid that is not water based
One way to know CO2 granules need to be changed
ASA is what?
A 4x4 holds approximately _-_mls of blood
What type of animals are sensitive to Xylazine and other alpha-2 agonists?
Type of Iv fluid that is water based
Name of location where gases enter the circle
US color of oxygen lines
horses and cats are sensitive to what anesthetic agents?
Roughly how many running hours will it take before the activated charcoal canister needs to be changed?
The patient history, physical exam, and diagnostic tests are considered aprt of what?
a pediatric drip set is _ drops/ml
Two major controls of circuit pressure are
The proper length endotracheal tube should extend from the tip of the nose to the ___ ___
Straight bladed laryngoscope
this part of the anesthesia machine changes liquid anesthetic to gas
Forced delivery of oxygen and anesthetic gases by squeezing of reservoir bag is what type of ventilation?
Pressure inside of oxygen line __-__psi

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