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the distribution of staphylococcal infections is _____
pasteurellosis treatment in humans includes antibiotics and ___________
most animal bite wounds are from what species?
strangles is caused by _________
prevention and control of streptococcal infections in animals involves ____ and reducing _____
how do humans typically get infected with staphylococcal infections?
What is one reason some diseases are reported? there are many, name one
streptococcal infections are ____ shaped and form _____
__% of the US population will incur a bite wound
staphylococcal bacteria are _____ shaped
are streptococcal infections aerobic or anaerobic, and facultative or obligate?
gram positive bacteria are what color?
puncture bite wounds are from ____
are staphylococcal infections aerobic or anaerobic, and facultative or obligate?
are bacteria eukaryotic or prokaryotic?
tough, dormant, non-reproductive stage bacteria form when nutrients are scarce
Pasteurella is a gram ___
bacteria reproduce by _______.
streptococcal infections are gram ____
Who are diseases reported to?two possibilities, name one
is greasy pig disease zoonotic?
Pasteurella _____ is the most common species of pasteurella (multocida, septica, or gallicida)
is pasteurella aerobic or anaerobic, and facultative or obligate?answer as 'obligate/facultative aerobe/anaerobe'
staphylococcal infections are gram ______ and produce _____
rhinitis, bronchopneumonia, abscesses, atrophic rhinitis in swine, and abortion (in sheep/goats) are clinical signs of what disease?
crushing, tearing bite wounds are from ____
Staphylococcus hyicus causes what disease in pigs?
is pasteurella opportunistic?
pasteurella is ____ shaped
pasteurellosis treatment in animals includes ______ and removing stress
almost half of cat bite wounds become ______

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