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Drug source- includes electrolytes, iron, selenium
The treatment of disease with medicines:
How long a drug is given is what part of the drug regimen?
Name of drug + amount is what part of the drug regimen?ex: per os, or PO
Experimental use permit for pesticide is submitted to theabbreviation
How a drug is administered is what part of the drug regimen?ex: cephalexin 250mg
Most drugs are from which drug source?
High dose given initially to increase levels in tissue/blood
Is the following Rx or non-Rx: 'For veterinary use only'
Dose that produces desired response:
Which category has no medical use?
Vet tech role in drug administration includes checking correct:three things
Who determines whether or not a drug requires a prescription?
What is the scale of controlled substances?_-_ to _-_
Are all controlled substances prescription drugs?
The abbreviation for prescription
The scientific study of motion
Dose higher than effective, causes death
Investigational new animal drug applications are submitted to theabbreviation
Choice of drug vets use when going by practical experience and common sense
is a VCP relationship required for over the counter drugs?
Choice of drug vets use when diagnosis is unknowntreats symptoms
Using a drug in ways not indicated on the label is called:
Low dose that is generally ineffectiveusually due to client giving incorrect amount
Application for biologics to the APHIS division of theabbreviation
Dose that is too high but only causes sickness, not death
Which substances must be double-locked?
Is the following Rx or non-Rx: 'Caution: Federal law restricts the use of this drug by or on the order of a veterinarian'
Drug source- includes antibiotics and anthelminticstwo things- andswer is _____ and _____
Dose range used in a species to produce desired effect:
Choice of drug vets use when going by history, PE, lab, etcspecific diagnosis
Drug source- includes hormones, anticoagulants
Rx drugs are approved by FDA for specific ____ or specific _____answer in form of '_____ or ______'
Drug source- includes alkaloids, glycosides, gums, resins, oils
Amount/body weight is:
Dose following loading dose, keeps levels steady
Are all prescription drugs controlled substances?
Four parts of the plan for administering a drug:hint: order is D,R,F,D
How many major steps are there in drug development?
The study of drug motion
What type of relationship must exist for a vet to treat using prescription drugs?dashes between words, no spaces (__-__-__)
How often the drug is given is what part of the drug regimen?
Controlled substances are classified based on potential for abuse or dependence by _____
Pharmaco- means _______
Drug source- includes synthetics
_____ means treatment of disease
Which controlled substances have the lowest potential for abuse?

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