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What is the term for the capacity to cause birth defects?
Which of the following is an anticestodal? A)Praziquantel B)Ivermectin C)Melarsomine D)Methoprene E)Lufenuron
A group of drugs that inhibit the synthesis of folic acid to block the growth of a wide variety of bacteria
Which of the following is a selective Cox-2 inhibitor? A)acetaminophen B)acetylcysteine C)hydrocortisone D)meloxicam E)milbemycin oxime
avermectins are also known as
These are antinematodals available in oral preparations including granules and pastes
_____ is the opioid to which all others in this category are compared, with regard to activity
if an animal receives an overdose or has a reaction to melarsomine, what is the antidote?
______ are tranquilizers that are antiemetics, relieve fear and anxiety, but do not produce analgesia?
What type of tissue is poorly perfused?
Extracellular fluid is primarily ______
Components of the blood brain barrier include _____ junctions and _____ celss
Which NSAID works by inhibiting Cox-2 and not Cox-1?
Barbiturate drugs are used as A)anticonvulsants B) anesthetics C)euthanasia solutions D)all of these
Which topical antifungal would we use on a dog with budding yeasts found in it's ear
Obese animals anesthetized with a thiobarbiturate would be anesthetized for a _____ time
Which option has the least chance of causing aminoglycoside nephrotoxicityA)constant rate infusion IV B)TID C)BID D)SID
where are glucocorticoids produced?
The LD50/ED50 is the mathematical expression of what value?
Two types of antibiotics that should not be used on young or pregnant animals are
cortisol is a ________
Butorphanol is a ____ ____ _____
How long a drug remains stable and effective for use is known as its ____ _____
What is an antimicrobial also used in treatment of sarcoptic and notoedric mange, cheyletiellosis, chiggers, fur mites, and lice?
adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) is secreted by the ____ gland
Which of these is a heartworm microfilaricide? A)Praziquantel B)Ivermectin C)Melarsomine D)Meloxicam E)Lufenuron
What is an abnormal response to a drug that is peculiar to an individual animal?
Which group of anesthetics causes muscle rigidity and mild analgesia?
Which of the following has the least chance of causing fluoroquinolone retina damage in a cat with a calculated dose of 10mg daily? A)10mg SID B)10mg BID C)5mg SID D) 5mg BID
pyrantel pamoate is used to treat _____
Which glucocorticoid has a rapid onset and is used in emergency situations to treat shock?
________ has a reversal agent called atipamezole
When giving thiobarbiturate IV to an obese animal, the dose should be calculated based on ______ weight A)current B)optimal C)neither
salivation, lacrimation, urination, diarrhea, dyspnea, and emesis are clinical signs seen in dogs that have ingested an __________ chemical
phenylbutazone can be administered A)oral B)iv C)im D)a and b e)all of these
An antiviral agent found in topical opthalmic preparations is
Arachidonic acid is broken down into prostaglandins by A)Phospholipaso B)Cox-1 C)Cox-2 D)b and c E)all of these
steroids work by blocking the enzyme ______
These drugs may interact with prescription drug therapy and can cause serious complications if not taken as directed
This sedative produces analgesia in the horse, but still allows the horse to respond to stimuli by kicking
What benzimidazole is also an antifungal?
Which lincosamide would be used on a cat with pus coming out of the tartar cracks on his molars prior to a dental
Which drug is administered orally to treat ringworm?
An ultrashort acting barbiturate used for anesthetic induction is _____
Which of these are symptoms of cushing's? A)PUPD B)Pruritus C)Pot-bellied D)a and c E)all of these
Drugs given IM or SQ are absorbed best in what form?there are two, name one
Is an increase in liver enzymes normally seen with Phenobarbital treatment?
The Drug Enforcement Administration places drugs into schedules according to their potential for ____ ____
T or F: Glucocorticoids given to pregnant animals can help prevent premature parturition or abortion
Aldosterone is a _______
Decreased T lymphocyte function is associated with ______ use
Damage to _____ ______ is a side effect of fluoroquinolones
Drugs given orally are absorbed best in which form?there are two, name one
This is an antiparasitic drug that works on adult fleas and eggs, heartworms, earmites, hookworm, and roundworms in cats and works on adult fleas and eggs, heartworms, ear mites, s
NSAID used in horses, especially in colic because it ties up endotoxins
A repository drug given IM or SQ is in which form?there are two, name one
griseofulvin must be used with caution in cats because of _________ issues
Betamethasone, dexamethasone, and flumethasone are examples of ____ acting glucocorticoids

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