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type of animal room with separate doors for clean and dirty supplies
personnel areas should account for at least ___% of total facility space
ideal room temp for rabbits (F)
mice store excess energy as _____ ___ between shoulder blades
order of mice
Type of cage: large areas that sit directly on flooring, usually affixed to walls, use for dog, sheep, pigs, goats
water temp for cage washing (F)
name a rabbit ectoparasite
solution or mixture that is reduced in concentration, strength, quality, or purity
Name a bacterial disease of mice
name a parasitic disease of mice
2(2033/1023) is the dental formula for what?
Name a viral disease of mice
type of animal room that uses clean/dirty system, keeps contamination out, and usually has positive air pressure and HEPA filters for incoming air
Genus and species name of a mouse
life span of rabbit is ___ years
name a rabbit endoparasite
Mice reach sexual maturity at ____ days old
type of animal room that keeps contamination in, uses clean/dirty system, negative air pressure, and HEPA filters for outgoing air
____ and ___ account for greater than 90% of animals utilized in research, product safety testing, and teaching
these rooms should have negative air pressure and be separate from other animal rooms to prevent the spread of disease
Type of cage: temporary, primate use for moving without handling, rodents and poultry shipped in disposable cartons
genus and species name of rabbits
more than one estrus cycle per year
rabbits are weaned at ___ weeks
room temps for offspring rearing should be warmer or cooler than normal animal rooms?
To ensure correct drug amount in a syringe, all ___ ____ should be removed prior to injection
mice pups are weaned at _____ days
normal weight range of rabbits
type of animal room with a common door for clean and dirty supplies
rabbits are _____ ovulators
What gland is responsible for colored tears?
how many total adult teeth does a rabbit have
Mice are ______ ovulators
genetic type produced by mating of 2 individuals less closely related than the population average
gestation length of mice is how many days
how many kits are in a litter of rabbits?
Type of cage: designed to control microenvironment
Characteristics of good quality bedding include absorbent, easily available, and ______ (name one more)
quantity of a drug or other remedy to be taken or applied all at one time or in fractional amounts within a given period
space between teeth (between incisors and premolars)
ideal humidity for most species (%)
the giving of medicine or other therapeutic agent in prescribed amounts
Type of cage: mobile or fixed, used for socialization, common for sheep, cats, and non human primates
an inanimate object that can spread disease
less than 20% humidity may cause _____
Type of cage: solid or slatted bottoms, allow many animals to be housed in a confined space, allows mobility
Type of cage: fixed, must take dogs out daily, cats must have raised platform and litter cleaned daily, use for rabbit and non human primates also
hallways in research facilities are ___ feet wide minimum
normal litter size of mice
More intense form of sanitation designed to reduce specific pathogenic organisms to a harmless level
AWA says floor space for dogs is: (______ to ______ + 6in) squared / ___
_____ air pressure lets air out of the room when the doors open
This organization conducts peer review inspections of lab animal facilities every 3 years
order of rabbits
The ano-urogenital distance is 2 times greater in what sex of mice?
complete removal of all visible soil from the surface
name a nonparasitic rabbit disease
genetic type produced by mating of 2 inbred strains
process by which a number of bacteria and other organisms living on inanimate objects is reduced to an acceptable public health standard
There are over ____ breeds of mice
One way to sterilize
space occupied by matter expressed usually in cc,ml,L, etc
cage material: impact and temperature resistant, newer plastics may be better suited to washing
low and high humidity both may cause _____ disease
optimum room temp for mice (F)
2(1003/1003) is the dental formula of _____
genetic type produced using DNA from 2 different species, usually only 1 or 2 genes inserted into one species from another
quantity of a substance per unit volume or weight
rendering an object totally free of all living organisms (vegetative and spores)
life span of mice is ____ years
proper ventilation for animal rooms is ____ air exchanges per hour
there are ___ recognized breeds of rabbit
____ animals are sensitive to bright light
The three 'R's
most common breed of rabbit used in research
rabbits reach puberty at _____ months old
Cage material: doesn't rust/corrode, no place for bacteria, expensive, stronger nad heavier than aluminum
What is used for fermentation of cellulose in rabbits
a quest for finding the answer is ______
ALAT manual says: 'Cages should balance the ____ of the animal with the ability to provide for ______.'
Genetic type produced by mating of 2 individuals more closely related than the population average
gestation of rabbits is ____ days
Snuffles causing organism
Type of cage: solid bottoms allow contact bedding, use for rodents, wire lids allow air exchange and observation as well as food and water placement
Mice have an estrous cycle of ___ days with an estrus of ___ hours
_____ air pressure sucks air into the room when doors open
any factor or condition that can change is a ______
Type of cage: filtered top provides barrier or containment system, use in small labs to prevent air contamination, can be used in rack system
cage material: more shatter resistant than other plastics, less noisy than metal, opaque makes observing hard, shoe box cages/aquatic animals
Type of cage: used to monitor individual animals consumption and output

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