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prefix- against
suffix- specialist
suffix- pertaining to, relating to
suffix- to bind, tie together
prefix- above, excessive
prefix- slow
suffix- flow or discharge
prefix- deficient, decreased
suffix- pain, suffering, painful condition
prefix- within, in, inside
suffix- visual examination
suffix- surgical creation of an opening to the body surface
suffix- to crush
suffix- sensation, feeling
suffix- a picture or record
suffix- cell
suffix- abnormal narrowing
prefix- between, among
suffix- the science or study of
suffix- stretching, dilation, enlargement
suffix- disease, suffering, feeling, emotion
prefix- excessive, increased
suffix- tissue death
suffix- paralysis
suffix- surgical removal, cutting out
suffix- hernia, tumor, swelling
suffix- instrument for visual examination
prefix- after, behind
prefix- many
suffix- bleeding, abnormal excessive fluid discharge
prefix- new, strange
suffix- inflammation
suffix- abnormal hardening
prefix- excessive, through
suffix- abnormal condition, disease
prefix- without, away from, negative, not
suffix- tumor, neoplasm
prefix- within, inside
prefix- before, in front of, forward
prefix- fast, rapid
suffix- abnormal condition, disease
suffix- surgical sutering
suffix- surgical fixation
suffix- abnormal softening
prefix- half
suffix- blood, blood condition
suffix- stopping
suffix- surgical repair
suffix- urination, urine
suffix- cutting, surgical incision
suffix- rupture
suffix- enlargement
prefix- surrounding, around
suffix- breathing
suffix- prolapse, drooping forward
suffix- surgical puncture to remove fluid
suffix- breakdown, separation, setting free, destruction, loosening
suffix- pertaining to
prefix- bad, difficult, painful
suffix- the process of producing a picture or record
prefix- under, less, below

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