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this is latent and widespread in wild and domestic birds other than psittacines
E. coli is a gram _____ rod
treatment of brucellosis in animals is what?
what kind of toxins does clostridium produce?
does clostridium form spores?
what shape are mycobacterium spp?
is E coli motile?
are brucellosis bacteria motile?
does anthrax form endospores?
how do we treat tuberculosis in animals?
in humans, the following clinical signs indicate which disease? flu-like symptoms, undulating fever
Which vaccine is live and the bacteria that cause this disease live in testicles, so we don't vaccinate bull calves and only vaccinate heifers?
In animals, this disease is transmitted through vectors (contaminated food and water) and direct contact (ingestion from aborted fetus, licking contaminated genitals, copulation, o
is brucellosis gram positive or negative?
30% of children with E coli develop:abbreviation or whole answer is fine
humans and animals both typically get infected with botulinum through ingestion of _________
is clostridium obligate or facultative?
T or F: E coli is part of the normal flora
Clostridium botulinum is used to treat wrinkles- this is called ____
the reservoir of cat scratch fever is what animal?
what disease is a cause of abortions and moon blindness in horses?
These are ways of transmission for what? Environment, nose to nose contact, ingestion, fecal-oral contact
red papule at site of inoculation, regional lymph node enlargement, low grade fever, and lethargy are clinical signs of what?
___ are the most common source worldwide for leptospirosis
treatment of this in both humans and animals involves antibiotics, anti-toxin, sedatives, tranquilizers, and dark quiet rooms.
this is deadly to non-human primates and can be reverse-zoonotic
puncture wounds, castration, and tail docking are the most common ways to get clostridium _____
Mycobacterium spp. causes what?
is clostridium aerobic or anaerobic?
this causes lesion formation varying in extent and location
anthrax is a primary disease of ______
what shape are brucellosis bacteria?
do we treat clostridium perfringens in humans?
humans get infected with orthinosis through contact with birds and ____
if you leave this untreated it can be fatal, however simply washing your hands after a bite can prevent it completely
flaccid paralysis, limberneck in fowl, and weakness/dizziness/abdominal pain/progressive paralysis in humans are all clinical signs of what?
is leptospirosis aerobic or anaerobic?
T or F: Cat scratch fever causes illness in cats
this disease is spread through dry infected flea feces via the claw
is brucellosis spore forming?
muscle rigidity (saw-horse stance in animals) and locked jaw in humans are clinical signs of what?
_____ are the most sensitive of all animals to clostridium tetani
what is the principle reservoir for rat bite fever?
this is caused by large, non-motile, gram positive bacilli
cat scratch fever is caused by a gram ____ rod
how do we prevent and control clostridium perfringens?
Which clostridium has clinical signs including enteritis, colitis, diarrhea, and sudden death in animals and diarrhea in humans?
cat scratch fever is spread cat to cat by what?
two clinical signs of brucellosis in animals:
leptospirosis is gram _____
this is spread through alkaline soil and surface water contaminated with urine
do we vaccinate cows for E coli in every herd?
Clostridium _____ is often found in unsealed or bulging canned foods
clostridium botulinum mostly affects what animals?
In humans, this disease is spread through accidental vaccination and direct contact (handling infected tissues, infected secretions, AI, and consuming infected products)
clostridium is gram ____
does E coli produce toxins?
vaccines for _____ are only given to animals at risk for catching this, such as farm dogs, hunting dogs, and rural dogs
which disease is caused by spirochetes with hooked ends that have corkscrew movements?
clostridium ______ typically infects animals through soil, ingestion, or over-eating and is foodborne infection in humans
the best way to prevent and control cat scratch fever is to control _____

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