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Disease caused by a blood and tissue parasite commonly found in cat feces
cause of scours in cattle, also common in lambs and kids
Three elements required for parasitic transmission: _____ of infection, Mode of _______, ________ host
if egg and sperm are in separate worms, they are
live within the host
form of Toxoplasma gondii that is rapidly proliferating trophozoites present during the acute phase of infection, present in brain, heart, or skeletal muscle
multicellular, eukaryotic organisms
This type of parasite is capable of independent living
Visceral larva migrans is treated with antinematodals and ________
progressive wasting disease in dogs and humans that is often fatal if untreated
multicellular organisms with jointed appendages and exoskeletons
Whipworms cause this disease, frequently animals are asymptomatic
what is the major cause of dysentery
this disease comes from sarcoptes scabei mites and is highly contagious in susceptible species
relatively rare disease, causes anemia in host, protozoan reproduces asexually in RBCs
tougher, dormant stage of protozoa
This type of parasite cannot live apart from host
if a parasite reaches sexual maturity and reproduces using the same host, that host is a(n) _____ host
form of Toxoplasma gondii that is slowly proliferating trophozoites that form cysts in brain, heart, and skeletal muscle tissue
this type of life cycle has one or more intermediate hosts and a definitive host
canines are the definitive host of thisand usually show no signs, eggs of this are immediately infective
unicellular, eukaryotic organisms
Cutaneous larva migrans is treated with _______ (drug type)
flat worms
schizogony is
this type of life cycle has one definitive host
live on surface of the host
diphyllobothriasis is a tapeworm found in ____
leishmaniasis is a slowly progressing disease that can take up to __ years to show clinical signs
if egg and sperm are in the same worm it is
segmented flat worms
active, feeding stage of protozoa
most common intestinal protozoal infection in the U.S.aka 'Beaver Fever'
the intermediate host of this disease is the freshwater snail
form of Toxoplasma gondii that is shed by members of the cat family and can be sporulated (infectious) or unsporulated (non infectious)
if a parasite requires a host for development, but does not fully mature in that same host, then that host is a(n) _____ host
Taenia pisiformis is found in this animal, which is the common source of cats and dogs getting these tapeworms

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