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mouthparts of ixodidae are located
classification of a dermatophyte that comes from an animal source
disease caused by a dimorphic fungi, spores become airborne when soil is disturbed, spread through bat and bird droppings
ticks belong to what class
localized cutaneous sporotrichosis is the most common form in
reservoir of lymes disease
is relapsing fever caused by hard or soft ticks?
type of pathogen that infects healthy animals and people
mouthparts of argasidae are located
what clinical signs do animals with relapsing fever have?
as few as ten bacillus that cause this disease can cause infection and 90-100% exposed to bacteria are infected. what disease is this?
disease caused by an atypical fungus classed as fungi by RNA analysis
sporothrix schenckii is the causative agent of
treatment of choice for lyme disease
most common species of ringworm is
feeds on dead or decaying material
This disease is caused by a bacteria that exists in either a rough or a smooth phase
how many meals do soft ticks consume during each form
is treament for cryptococcosis long or short term?
lymphocutaneous sporotrichosis is the most common form in
classification of a dermatophyte that comes from a human source
hunting dogs are most at risk of catching this disease caused by a dimorphic fungi
this form of sporotrichosis is uncommon
the most common tick-borne disease in the US is
does family ixodidae include hard or soft ticks?
form of fungi that is filamentous, multicellular, and produce chains of cells called hyphae
large multinuclear spore
type of pathogen that is present in low number but under the right conditions or in immunocompromised people can cause disease
for at least how long must a tick stay attached to transmit lyme disease?
these should NOT be used to treat lyme disease
small 1-2 nuclear spore
drug of choice for treating sporotrichosis
Is transmission of Ehrlichiosis/Anaplasmosis via hard or soft tick?
most common route of transmission of cryptococcosis
classification of a dermatophyte that comes from a soil source
cryptococcus neoformans causes this disease
this type of fungi can exist as a yeast or a mold
what shape bacteria causes lyme disease?
does family argasidae include hard or soft ticks?
feeds on living organism without killing them
fungi that exist mostly in upper layers of skin, but can get in hair follicles
form of fungi that is unicellular,and reproduces asexually by budding
paracoccidioidomycosis is isolated in this animal
a mass of hyphae is called
Whati is the causative agent of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
this type of fungus cannot make or produce its own food, they get food from other living things
how many meals do hard ticks consume during each form?

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