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most common oral cancer in cats
'oma's tend to be
these can be small or large, feel like fat, generally only removed if causing other problems (ulcers from rubbing, affecting movement, etc)
Location to give leukemia vaccine
treatment for pinkeye- name one
Suggested treatment for cherry eye
prolapses nictitating membrane gland, not painful, uni or bilateral
KCS is diagnosed if less than __mm/min is measured
corneal sequetra treatment is removal if ______
Removal of third nictitating membranr to treat cherry eye may lead to what?
Normal wetting during KCS diagnosis for dogs and cats is ___ mm/min (+/- 5)
'pus in the skin', bacterial, superficial or deep
this can increase proliferation of equine sarcoids
are mast cell tumors benign or malignant?
often a secondary problem, noninfectious and infectious causes (atopy, entropion, ectropion, trauma, kcs, bacteria, viral)
Location to give distemper combo vaccine
cutaneous manifestation of obsessive disorder, multifocal etiology, typically on extremities
squamous cell carcinomas are benign or malignant?
infection of gland
complex lesion in horse, viral component
is glaucoma an emergency?
This helps stimulate tear production
increases tear production/discharge is also called
This test is used to diagnose KCS
Feline Herpes Virus is also called:
mast cell tumors have _______ granules
FVR is infectious to what species?
most common oral cancer in dogs
Questionanswerother answers
raised lesion
prescence of blackheads, occurs on chin in cat, can be minor to deep, painful infection
acute moist dermatitis, bacterial infection, allergy component, treat with steroids and antibiotics
carcinomas and sarcomas tend to be
eyelids can't close so cornea gets dry, eyelids roll out
infestation of flies, 'fly strike' is called:
treatment for ruptured eye
these flies hatch within hours and cause extensive damage very quickly
eyelashes rub cornea, eyelids rolled in
is melanoma benign or malignant?
benign tumor of young dogs, raised lesion that can regress on own, round cell tumor w/o granulocytes
this is necrosis of part of the stoma of the cornea, pigmented brown or black plaques
Location to give rabies vaccine
treatment for corneal ulcer that involves removal of dead epithelium
mast cell tumors are grades _-_
normal intraocular pressure in cat and dog is __-__ mmHg
_____ ulcers result from a structural defect of the cornea and are unhealing
treatment for equine sarcoid- name one
corneal sequetra may be treated by waiting to slough off if _____
ulcers are loss of ________
increased intraocular pressure (>30mmHg)
Moraxella bovis bacteria causes this
symptoms include, sneezing, conjunctivitis, fever, depression, anorexia, salivation, corneal ulcers. Treat c/s, recurring
Bots, warbles, and grubs spend _-_ months in an animal depending on the species

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