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% of cats with diabetes that are type 1
Cells resistant to insulin/ not getting enough insulin- may be lack of receptors on cell, glucose not getting into cells- what type of diabetes mellitus
the term for growing a lot of hair and not shedding it out
the adrenal glands are located ___________ to kidneys
Megacolon is more common in what species?
causes heart murmurs grades 2-5/6, associated with periodontal dz, most common cause of CHF in old dogs
% of dogs with diabetes that are type 1
term used to describe the state when the heart is unable to maintain adequate cardiac output
iatrogenic hyperadrenocortcism is caused by who?
This directs blood from the portal vein to the vena cava, bypassing part of the liver and is usually diagnosed by 6 months of age
most common oral tumor of dogs
Pulse deficit occurs when ____ is faster than ______
the main mineralocorticoid is
Right ventricle contains what valve?
congenital malformation, can be high or low, abnormal communication between ventricles
hematochezia is _____ in stool
dogs __ months and older must be heartworm tested
straight breathing, extended necks
________ are involved in inhibition of phospholipase and cell stabilization, increase in blood glucose levels, and storing glycogen in the liver
treatment of hyperthyroid is:
hyperthyroid is typically seen in middle-aged to older _____
the principal glucocorticoid is
scientific name of heartworms
Two digestive enzymes secreted by the pancreas
sequelae means '_____ _____'
Right AV valve is also called the ______ valve
Area of the heart muscle that originates the coordinated beating of the heart
treatment for cushings in dogs
severe inflammation of the soft tissues of the mouth
oral monthly heartworm preventative (two words)
which is reversible? gingivitis or periodontitis
what sided heart failure is this? ascites, hepatic and splenic enlargement, jugular vein distention, pleural and pericardial effusions
what sided heart failure is this? pulmonary congestion, edema, crackles, cough, dyspnea, tachypnea, orthopnea, cyanosis
The heartworm snaptest tests for a _____ in female worms
_____adrenocorticism is rare in cats and more common in dogs and horses
melarsamine dihydrochloride is a(n) _______ given in the _____ muscles
T4, T3, and TSH are used to diagnose _______
________ are involved in water and electrolyte balance
congenital heart problem, lethargy, exercise intolerant, loud murmur, occurs when a normal fetal structure doesn't close after birth
increased permeability of BBB to avermectins is a problem in what breed?
this can be acute or chronic, typically occurs post-holidays, has various levels of severity, and can result in death
this type of diabetes involves the pancreas and insulin
The first __ weeks after tx with adulticide are critical
dilation of heart chambers, thin and weak cardiac muscle, all organ systems affected, almost always fatal, usually unknown causetypically affects older, giant, or large breed dogs
straining to defecate is known as what?
thick heart walls, small lumen, may be genetic, increased size of cardiac muscle, poor prognosismore common in cats
when it is impossible to defecate is known as what?
an endogenous cause of hypoglycemia and hyperinsulinemia
hypothyroid is primarily seen in middle-aged ____
Atrial septal defect occurs when what fetal structure doesn't close?
biological vector of heartworms
causes ventricles to contract in a rhythmic way
Are gastric or linear foreign bodies more serious?
Why, after tx with adulticide, should dogs not be exercised or excited? (increased risk of ____)
exogenous cause of hypoglycemia and hyperinsulinemia
what is more difficult to diagnose, hyper or hypo thyroidism?
congenital heart problem, valvular (pulmonic and aortic), subaortic, smaller opening
suddenly stopping steroids may cause:
congenital heart problem, blood mixes from left and right atria
by what age should deciduous teeth be out?
most common oral tumor of cats
rapid breathing
Islets of Langerhans secrete ______ hormone
inflammation of ligaments and bones of teeth
4th upper premolar, has 3 roots, 'big tooth in back', when abscesed frequently shows below eye (which tooth is this)
Islets of langerhans are not producing insulin, glucose isn't getting into cells- what type of diabetes mellitus?
having difficulty defecating is _______
treatment for hypothyroidism includes:
PPID is common in horses over ___ years old
what percent injury to liver results in acute failure?
melarsamine is given in __ injections __ hrs apart
the thyroid gland is made up of _______
what hormones does the adrenal gland medulla produce?
How are the adrenal gland hormones regulated?
giving too high of doses of steroids may cause:
two topical monthly heartworm preventatives
oral monthly microfilaricide approved for use in cats
heart worms cause ____ sided heart failure signs
what is the tx for carnassial tooth abscess?
injectable heartworm preventative
hypoinsulinemia occurs in type one or type two diabetes?
what hormones does the adrenal cortex produce?
left AV valve is also called what?
left ventricle contains what valve?
diagnosis of hyperthyroid is a serum test for ___
One type of drug or drug that causes liver disease:

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