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Which Ig is primarily important for mucosal immunity, found in mucous secretions, and can be passed via nursing?
T or F: Innate immunity is passive immunity.
Are vaccinations active or passive?
First line of defense in innate immunity includes:
Is colostrum natural or artificial?
Is colostrum active or passive?
The production of antibodies/immunoglobulins is _____ immunity.
Does natural-passive acquired immunity last a long or short time?
Which type of response, primary or secondary, had no lag or latent phase?
Which Ig is the primary antibody associated with hypersensitivity or allergic reactions and parasitic infections?
Is a puppy exposed to parvo in a kennel natural or artificial?
The abbreviation for immunoglobulin is:
Intentional injections of antigens are artificial-_____.
Which Ig is the second most common, produced in primary response, and does not cross the placenta?
The second line of defense in innate immunity is a group of _____ responses.
pH, normal flora, body temp, etc are all part of _____ immunity.
Humoral immunity is most effective against bacteria and viruses located _____ of body cell and toxins.
Are antivenom, antitoxin, and antiserum natural or artificial??
Is a puppy exposed to parvo active or passive?
Does natural-active acquired immunity last a long or short time?
Are vaccinations natural or artificial?
Phagocytosis steps include: Chemotaxis, Attachment, ____, and Digestion.
Innate immunity is possessed at _____.
Secondary response is also called ______ response.
Which Ig is the most abundant, has the highest concentration in blood, is produced with second exposure, and crosses the placenta?
Antibodies are produced by _____ cells.
Intentional injections of preformed antibodies are artificial-_____.
Are antivenom, antitoxin, and antiserum active or passive?
How many immunoglobulins are there?
It takes __ to 14 days for immune response to peak.
Cell-mediated immunity occurs when _____ pathogens are present.
How long does the lag phase generally last?
Immunity one acquires as they go through life, and is activated when innate defense fail, is ____ immunity.
The state of not being susceptible:
Cell-mediated, humoral, natural, and artificial are all part of _____ immunity.

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