BarackobamA or MittromneY

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Can you name the answers which fit the form 'B___A' OR the form 'M___Y' ?

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Second largest US financial institution, based in Charlotte
South American country
International distress signal and labor celebration
Perennial flower related to pumpkins and squash
Linebacker on Chicago Bears 'Shufflin' Crew'; former head coach of SF 49ers*
Nickname given to victim of a gruesome unsolved 1947 murder
1990 film whose lead actress won the Oscar, based on a 1987 Stephen King novel
Stage name of comedian whose alter ego 'José Jiménez' first appeared on 'The Steve Allen Show'*
Our galaxy
Toy line and animated TV series whose reboot is subtitled 'Friendship Is Magic'
Coached Buffalo Bills to four straight AFC championships*
Nebuchadnezzars ruled this land
Gustave Flaubert's first and most famous novel*
African country
Organization whose motto is 'Be Prepared'
Served as Attorney General under George W. Bush*
The three 'routine expeditioners' in 'Land of the Lost'
Largest US city-and-state-name combo to fit the category
Largest US city name only to fit the category
Led by Fletcher Christian against Lt. William Bligh
One-word European country
Belief that the US had the right to go from 'sea to shining sea'
Binge-and-purge eating disorder
Country whose ccTLD is .ba
Country whose ccTLD is .my**

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