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Can you determine whether the correct answer is over or under the given number for each of these NFL statistics?

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Question/NumberOver or Under?Actual Number
Teams without a Super Bowl victory: 12
Super Bowls hosted in California: 14
LaDainian Tomlinson's touchdown record: 27
Teams w/ undefeated seasons since merger (1970): 3
Sacks by Reggie White: 175
Non-offensive MVPs: 1
60+ yard field goals: 10
Career points for Morten Andersen: 2,723
Kickoff return TDs by Devin Hester: 7
Super Bowl appearances by the Chargers: 2
Seasons played by Vinny Testaverde: 18
Receptions by Jerry Rice: 1,375
Question/NumberOver or Under?Actual Number
QBs taken #1 overall: 30
Vince Lombardi NFL Championships: 7
Penalty yards for removing helmet on field: 10
Dan Marino Pro Bowl selections: 11
Losing seasons by the Bengals: 20
John Madden career coaching wins: 150
Players with 100 career touchdowns: 25
Brett Favre consecutive games played: 303
Points allowed by the 1985 Bears: 169
Most points by a team in a reg. season game: 76
Ryan Leaf career passing yards: 1,500
Patriots Hall of Famers: 8

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