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Can you name the sports movie from five
Golf/ Planets/ Aliens/ Daffy/ Toon Squad
Bad Team/ Kid/ Cast/ Pitcher/ What A Throw
Stutter/ Squirrel/ Line Backer/ Bourbon Bowl/ Mud Dogs
High School/ Mean Coach/ Back Up QB/ Whipped Cream Bikini/ Strip Club
Amish/ One Hand/ Hustling/ Quaid/ Bowling
New Sport/ Hot Dog/ Beers/ Make A Wish/ LazyBoy
Pee Wee/ District Five/ Bad Team/ Penalty Shot/ Quack
50,000 Dollars/ Gym/ Cobras/ Patches/ Five D's
Strike/ Bar Fight/ Wild Yam/ Sugar Bowl/ House Boat
Hustling/ Funky Clothing/ White Boy/ Can't Dunk/ Jeopardy
Tragedy/ Freshman/ True Story/ Virginia/ Plane Crash
Bad Town/ Bad Grades/ Lockout/ Lose In First Round/ Battle
Bad Team/ Woman Poster Board/ Jo Boo/ Cheating Wife/ Wild Thing
Can you name the sports movie from five
High School/ Championship Game/ Broken Knee/ Smile/ Texas
Remade/ Jail/ Mean Machine/ Actually Win/ Caretaker
Average Joe/ Tryout/ Old/ Special Teams/ Eagles
Flashbacks/ Old Pitcher/ Drown Out Crowd/ Love Story/ Perfect Game
True Story/ Big Man/ Caring Woman/ Left Tackle/ Ole Miss
Amazing Catcher/ Men At War/ High Fast Ball/ Peach/ No Crying
Olympics/ No Shot/ Five Seconds Left/ 1980/ Soviet Union
Kids/ Swimming Pool/ Smalls/ The Jet/ The Beast
Oreo's/ Out Of Jail/ Caught Cheating/ Bluffing/ Poker
Camp/ Segregated School/ Perfect Season/ Banana/ Superman
Underdog/ To Small/ Tryout/ Notre Dame/ Gets To Play
Corn/ Historic Team/ Practice Field/ Costner/ If You Build It

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