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Can you name the movie from five clues
Mojo/ New Car/ Glasses/ Cube/ Aliens
Queen/ Tree/ Talking Animals/ Rabbit/ Tea Time
Twist Ending/ Death/ Ghost/ Psychiatrist/ Red
Rabbit/ Computer/ Red Pill/ Oracle/ Falling Words
Shiny Car/ Matress/ Blackjack/ Tiger/ Roofie
Police Station/ False Identity/ Irish Mafia/ Everyone Dies/ Rat
Frank/ Bug/ Tiny Gun/ Suit/ Don't Forget
Cowboy/ Sid/ Pizza Planet/ Slinky/ Andy's Coming
Can you name the movie from five clues
Banana/ Detroit/ Police Officer/ Catchy Tune/ Axel
Moon/ News Anchor/ Walk On Water/ Seven Fingers/ God
Isolation/ Long Facial Hair/ Plane Crash/ Excellent Fisherman/ Wilson
Betrayed/ Not A Rat/ Killers/ Gang Members/ Your Funny
Jump Around/ Gay Brother/ Loving Father/ Babysitter/ Dress Like A Lady
Thief/ Salton/ Flying Carpet/ Genie/ A Whole New World
Ship/ Skeleton/ Monkey/ Moonlight/ Captain

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