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Can you name the movie from five clues
Football/ Jail/ Horse/ Crazy Eye/ Rubber Breast
Basketball/ Championship/ Death/ A and K/ Ghost
Dumped/ High School/ Striker/ School Play/ Fairies
Arizona/ Draft/ Fired/ Football/ Hello
Jail/ Lawyer/ Alabama/ Funky Suit/ Grits
Brothers/ Flower Shop/ Wedding/ Nightclub/ What is Love
Two Friends/ Both Dumped/ Comic Book Store/ Sailboat/ Game Show
Hockey/ Put-Put/ Chubs/ House/ Alligator
Broken Down Car/ Mansion/ Singing/ Creature/ Hot Patootie
Clown/ Illinois/ Mask/ Babysitter/ Doctor
Can you name the movie from five clues
Writer/ Family/ Hotel/ Axe/ Creepy Girls
Bedtime/ Melting To Clothes/ No Lights/ Under The Bed/ Broken Horn
Chaos/ Creatures/ Furry/ Gizmo/ Feed Before Midnight
Twist Ending/ Who's Who/ Car Crash/ Insomnia/ The Rules
Disfunctional Family/ Brother's Girlfriend/ Nobody To Star/ 24 Hour TV Show/ Degeneres
High School/ Football/ Science Lab/ Weird Teachers/ Aliens
President/ World News/ We Come In Peace/ Alien Invasion/ Comedy
Adopted Kid/ New School/ Disastorous Pranks/ Red Hair/ John Ritter
Detective/ Airport/ Can't Slow Down/ Bomber/ Bus
Dairy/ Haunted Past/ Came Back/ Lucky Seven/ Clown

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