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Can you name the Lightning Round Movies 3?

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Can you name the movie with five clues
Rachel/ Playing Card/ Wounded Face/ New Commisioner/ Clown
Wizard/ Eye/ Fire Pit/ Gondor/ Hobbits
Chocolates/ Running/ Ping Pong/ War/ Bubba
Family Trip/ Christmas/ Black Sheep/ Burglars/ Kevin
Hidden Clues/ Riches/ Declaration Of Independance/ Missing Coin/ Gates
Murder/ Unchained Melody/ Whoopi See's The Dead/ Pottery/ Ditto
Spy/ Ladies Man/ Male Symbol/ Shagging/ Mojo
Calvin Klein/ School Dance/ Johnny B Goode/ Delorean/ Doc
Can you name the movie with five clues
Touch Football/ Quail Hunting/ Sailing/ The Rules/ Shout
Naval Fleet/ Two Great Pilots/ Beautiful Nurse/ Japan/ Day Of Infamy
Glimmering/ Forks/ Murders/ Apple/ Vampires
Musical/ High School/ Australia/ Pink Ladies/ Hickie From Kenickie
Secrets/ Assassins/ Marriage On The Rocks/ Set Up/ Who's Your Daddy Now
Lawyer/ Birthday Party/ Busy Father/ The Claw/ The Pen Is Blue
Multiple Identities/ Obsessed Cop/ Smooth Criminal/ True Story/ Perfect Checks

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