The Last Airbender

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Who is the Fire Lord at the end
Who is shown first in the series (2 people)
How old is Aang
Did Aang ever have hair
How many years is Aang in the iceberg
Who is known as the boomerang guy
Who is the blue spirit
Who is the king of Omasho
What is another name for Toph
Who is Zuko's father
What was the name of Aang's friend in the Fire Nation
Which Air Temple did Aang grow up at
Who is the 'Fire Bending Prodigy'
Who can bend metal
What is the first thing Aang burns with Fire
What color are Azula's eyes
What does Katara hate
Who is the leader of Council of Five in Ba Seng Se
What episode did Sokka get his first kiss
What is Azula's nickname for her brother, Zuko

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