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In which season of The Wire did *this* event take place?

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EventSeason # (1-5)
Proposition Joe teaches Marlo how to launder money
Hamsterdam is born
Wallace is murdered
D'Angelo Barksdale is murdered
Stringer Bell is murdered
McNulty is reassigned to the Marine Unit
'The Towers' are demolished
A duck dies of an overdose
Herc takes the sergeant exam
Omar shoots Brother Mouzone
Bubbles' partner-in-crime Johnny Weeks dies.
Bubbles opens up 'Bubbles Depo' (his own depot by use of a shopping cart)
Bubbles moves into his sister's basement
Major Crimes Unit discovers that Stringer Bell is buying real estate
Sherrod dies
Butchie is murdered
D'Angelo Barksdale is acquitted of murder
Snoop is murdered
Bodie is murdered
Prez becomes a teacher
Stringer Bell teams up with Proposition Joe
EventSeason # (1-5)
After losing their wiretap, the detail installs a camera in Avon's club
Bubbles (attempts to) hang himself
Omar is murdered
Herc loses his stripes
Little Kevin is murdered
Commissioner Burrell resigns
Stringer Bell confesses to Avon Barksdale that he ordered the hit on D'Angelo
Pearlman and Daniels sleep together, the first time
Valchek donates a window to a local church
Omar, wearing a tie, testifies at Bird's trial
A dogfight takes place
Tommy Carcetti is elected Mayor
Bodie joins Marlo's crew
Clay Davis appears in front of a grand jury
Kima Greggs is shot
Dennis 'Cutty' Wise is released from prison
Avon Barksdale is arrested again after police raid his hideout
Proposition Joe is murdered
Brother Mouzone is introduced
Daniels and McNulty place a tracking device on D'Angelo's car
Marlo has Omar framed for murder

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