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pronunciationcorrect spelling
VISH-ee-swahz (cold french potato soup)
nuh-MAHN-ik (a memory trick)
SEN-suhr ( a container to burn smelly stuff, used in religious services)
AHN-uh-MAH-tuh-PEE-uh (formation of words that imitate sounds, lke 'buzz')
DAHK-sund (German wiener dog)
LIL-uh-PYOO-shun (small, miniature)
uh-CHAHK-uh-TOOR-uh (a grace note in music)
fuh-SEE-shus ( joking, but perhaps inapproprately)
pronunciationcorrect spelling
sass-puh-RILL-uh (a flavoring in drinks, from birch roots)
SIGH-uh-NAHR-uh (Japanese goodbye)
CHAHCH - kee (a little trinket)
VELL-tahn-show-oong (a comprehensive world view, from the German)
RENN-uh-sahntz (a rebirth)
KUR-nuhl (military rank of an officer)
CASE-HAUNT (a Dutch breed of dog)
pruh-SHOO-toe (dry-cured spiced Italian ham)

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