Star Wars the Clone Wars Clones

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Blue squadron pilot, Ahsoka's wingman
Aayla Securas Right hand man. (or clone)
Waxer's friend,serves with Comm. Cody
Accused of spying for Separatists
Serves with Obi- Wan, Friend of Rex
Anakin and Ahsoka's partner
Clone deserter, has a family
Rishi Moon survivor, Repeats orders
Helps Nahdar Vebb, targets Nute Gunray
Rishi Moon survivor, CT 27-5555
Commander in Coruscant guard
Serves Luminara, Guards Nute Gunray
Pilots gunship over Christophsis and Teth
Hero of Rishi moon, Anxious to see combat
Serves Ki-Adi-Mundi on Geonosis
Member of shadow squadron under Anakin
Sergent on Rishi moon, leads bored clones
Obi-Wan's wingman, Panics at Teth
Serves Master Windu, Writes on helmet
Betrays clones on Christopsis

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