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Can you name the world war in which the following events took place?

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EventWorld War
Germany uses their blitzkrieg tactics to defeat countries quickly
The US president proposes '14 Points' for peace
France defeats Germany in the Battle of Verdun
Germans first use poison gas at Battle of Ypres
Germany captures Paris
British ship Lusitania is sunk by German U-Boats
The Battle of Britain is fought in the UK
Germans lose the Battle of El Alamein
EventWorld War
British launch surprise tank attack at Cambrai
Japanese attack the American Pearl Harbor
Germans lose the Battle of Stalingrad due to harsh weather and a counterattack
The Zimmermann Telegram is intercepted by Britain and given to the US
Poland is attacked from the east and west and is later divided up
No fighting occurs on Christmas due to the unofficial Christmas Truce
Germany wins the Battle of Tannenberg in Eastern Europe

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