Word Ladder: Back to the Future

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Can you name the 4-letter answers to this Back to the Future-themed word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
Name of mall at the beginning: ____ Pine Mall
Small Australian marsupial
Conjugated form of French faire
Clenched hand
The kids thought the dance was called the ____ Under the Sea Dance
Graphite formed on molten iron
George and Lorraine did this at the dance
Not hit the target
Small, green plant similar to algae
Chinese god idol
DiMaggio and Biden
Jailbird uncle
Caribbean land crab
Power of Love artist
Having a specific color
Instituted a law process
Snow toy/vehicle
Ran away from
Show one's muscles
Clue4-Letter Word
____ capacitor
Plant cultivated for fiber and seeds
Thin strip
Close forcefully
Horse plow chain
Don't need this where we're going
Provoke or prod
Sheep-like horned animal
Floating vehicle
Short screw; used with nut
Wooded hill
Sword handle
____ Valley; Marty's hometown
Prepare land for crops
Flat floor covering
Kind of machine the DeLorean is
Large book
Distinctive kind of sound
Name of mall at the end: ____ Pine Mall

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