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That was the day I met Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes, and our _____ rivalry was born!Megamind
_____ up? The sun is _____ UP?*Megamind
It's from Metro Man, to count every second of your __(#)__ life sentences.Warden
_____ drains my powers.Metroman
His heart is an _____ that's inside a bigger _____*.Roxanne
Here's my day so far: went to jail, lost the _____ of my dreams and got my butt kicked pretty good.Megamind
There is no Easter Bunny. There is no Tooth Fairy. There is no _____ of _____.Titan/Hal
Most of it came from an outlet store in ... _____.Minion
QuoteFill in the BlankSpeaker
I'm not allowed to _____ guests directly.Bernard
Just a few alterations, and I will be done with your most terrifying cape yet! I'm calling it... The _____ _____.Minion
Oooh, I'm shaking in my custom _____ _____ leather boots!Megamind
And I'd be watching you, like a dingo watches a _____ _____.Hal
[singing] I have eyes that can see right through _____.Metroman
I'm your space _____! I've had some work done recently.Minion
He would win some, I would _____ win others!Megamind

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