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Can you name the letter of the correct point for each country?

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CountryAnswerHighest Point
NepalA - Mount Logan
KyrgyzstanB - Kangchenjunga
FranceC - Mount Wilhelm
IndiaD - Mount Kilimanjaro
CanadaE - Pico de Orizaba
RussiaF - Mount Everest
AustriaG - GroƟglockner
TurkeyH - Mount Chimborazo
Papua New GuineaI - Mont Blanc
EthiopiaJ - Dufourspitze
United StatesK - Jengish Chokusu
SwitzerlandL - Mount Elbrus
TanzaniaM - Mount McKinley
MexicoN - Ras Dejen
EcuadorO - Mount Ararat

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