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Can you name the TV shows, with clues given in haiku form?

Updated Jan 21, 2016

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TV Plot HaikuTV Show
Alien crash lands / Falls in love with his roommate / Doesn't eat her cat
Advertising's great / When all you do is smoke, drink / And wear fancy suits
Shipwrecked and stranded / With Grumby, Ging, and the Prof / Some short boat ride, eh?
The final frontier / Where no man has gone before / 'Beam me up, Scotty!'
A queen is murdered / A homecoming queen, in fact / R.I.P. Laura
Girl moves to L.A. / 'The rest is still unwritten' / Is this real TV?
Carl's killed by a team / Of anthropomorphized foods / Stay out of my pool
3 by 3 structure / 'Pick a star and win a prize' / Celeb tic-tac-toe
A curly-haired girl / Works at Dean & DeLuca / Studies in New York
Chairman Kaga says, / 'Allez Cuisine!' Translation: / Japanese food fight?
Analyzing blood / Isn't as fun as murder / Don't let Deb catch you
'Hola, Senor Chang' / Ex-lawyer goes back to school / This isn't The Soup
TV Plot HaikuTV Show
Stop eating those chips! / Sweat it out! Run, fatboy, run! / Don't be a winner!
Sneaky backstabbing / In wicked Wisteria / Suburbia bliss?
N.Y.C. rich kids / Living such drama-filled lives / Kristen Bell narrates
Hi there, Mr. White / I can see your underwear / Can I buy some meth?
Addressing issues / Too racy for Cosby's show / Hey! Denise grew up
For the B.A.U. / Your mind's the scene of the crime / Psychos? Analyzed!
Somewhere in Pawnee / A pit turns into a park / Leslie Knope 4 prez
Dad is sent to jail / 'It ain't easy being white' / Someone save our Bluths
Great Cornholio! / This 'B & B' doesn't stand / For bed & breakfast!
Speedy home decor / Ty uses a megaphone / A bus blocks my view
Name of Sam's husband? / Durwood? Dum-Dum? What's-his-name? / Don't ask Endora
Life 'loosely scripted' / With the writer of Seinfeld / No, it's not Jerry

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