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Updated Nov 15, 2012

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TV Plot HaikuName of TV Show
Alien crash lands / Stays with boring family / Tries to eat their cat
Plane crashed on island / You can't tell Locke what to do / Jack cries all the time
Five jerks run a bar / Get into lots of trouble / Beers at Paddy's Pub?
Every week they sing / It's like High School Musical / Watch out for Slushees
In Jerry's flat or / At Monk's diner, it's really / All about nothing
Four nerds meet a girl / Everyday they eat take-out / And make her feel dumb
It's in a white house / They love walking in hallways / Talking politics
Working in New York / For some SNL-like show / All for NBC
These kids love singing / Dancing, living forever / They're gonna fly high
TV Plot HaikuName of TV Show
It's not possible / Over the course of one day / A man saves the world
They find your semen / At the scene of the murder / They send you to jail
Greedy oil baron / Socializes with cowboys / Did you shoot J.R.?
Take minor celebs / Mock them for their bad dancing / Grandma will watch it
Plain ol' high school kid / Killing vampires with her friends / 'Once more with feeling!'
She puts on a wig / And 'gets the best of both worlds' / Disney rakes in cash
Just some family / Hey! Is that Janet Jackson? / 'Whatchoo talkin' bout?'
Lives across from dad / Mom's always coming over / He gets all the love
A two-man folk band / Tries to make it in New York / 'Fly back home, kiwis!'

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