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Titan, god of the sun
Mother nature
Keeper of time
King of the Gods, god of the sky
Slayer of Medusa
The nothingness from which everything sprang
One-eyed creature, son of Poseidon
Goddess of war
God of war
God of knowledge and medicine
The messenger god
Titan, father of Zeus
Half-man, half-horse creatures
Hades' ferryman over the river Styx
Goddess of the hunt
Lowest pit of Hell
God of the sea
Titan, mother of Zeus
Slayer of the Minotaur
Gorgon whose eyes turned people to stone
Half-man, half-goat creatures
An incredibly vain man who fell in love with himself
Control the thread of life that determines one's destiny
Lured sailors overboard by their enticing songs
Hero of the Trojan War, only weakness was his heel
Leader of the Argonauts
Her abduction led to the Trojan War
Queen of the Gods, goddess of marriage
God of sexual love
Goddess of love
Completed twelve 'impossible' tasks
Goddesses of creativity and inspiration
King of the Underworld
God of wine and alcohol
Goddess of the moon
Wife of Hades
Three-headed dog that guards Hades

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