the James Bond movies in chronological order?

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Can you name the the James Bond movies in chronological order??

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YearMovieKnown for
?Jamaica scenery
?Murder on the Orient Express
?Oddjob's hat; Fort Knox heist; 'P***y' Galore
?Largo ('Number 2')
?Blofeld's face revealed
?'We have all the time in the world'
?Bambi, Thumper, and arguably the worst Bond girl ever
?Baron Samedi; Mr. Big; Voodoo scenes
?Scaramanga; flying car; funny dwarf
?Atlantis; Jaws' first appearance
?Lasers; Gondola fight scene; Jaws' encore
?James Bond on skis; scuba diving scenes
YearMovieKnown for
?Bond as a clown
?Horse racing; Golden Gate showdown; Mayday
?Desert scenery; Musician bond girl
?Bond quits MI6; fiery fuel truck explosions
?Bond returns to MI6; tank chase scene
?Remote controlled Mercedes
?Boat chase through London; submarine showdown in Turkey
?Hovercrafts; Camouflage Aston Martin
?Texas Hold 'em; Vesper
?General Medrano

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