Asthma Therapies

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Can you name the asthma drug?

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Drug target/mechanismDrug
Bronchodilator- Short acting- B2 agonist
Bronchodilator- Short acting- musc antagonist
Bronchodilator- Short acting- IV PDE inhibitor
Brochodilator- Medium term B2 agonist
Bronchodilator- Oral PDE Inhibitor
Bronchodilator Long acting musc antagonist
Anti-Inflammatories: Corticosteroids (inhibit PLA2, less PGs, LTs, degran)
Drug target/mechanismDrug
Anti-Inflam: Leukotriene Antagonists (disappointing)
Anti-Inflam: Anti-IgE Antibody
Anti-Inflam: IN TRIAL - guess the target (eos. recruitment)
Anti-Inflam: Stabilise SP releasing neurons
Anti- Inflam: IN TRIAL guess target- eos activator, part of Th2
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