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Who shot a Mexican drug dealer that killed his family?
Where did KAte get shot?
Who killed Steven Fargo?
What is Trent Kort's weapon of choice?
What is Abby's favorite drink?
Finish the quote, 'Dead man was ICE.' 'That's...
In what city does OSP work?
When Gibbs loses his memory where does he think he is?
What symbol is on Ziva's necklace?
Who does Ziva shoot in Gibb's basement?
Who fills in for Ducky when he gets stabbed?
Where does Ziva come from?
What magazine does Tony say was 'required reading' in his family?
What is the hangover method Ziva suggests?
How can you get into MTAC?
Who is the first suspected mole?
Where was the first time Gibbs said sorry?
Who calls Gibbs 'Probie'?
Where is Gibbs right now?
Where was Ziva taken to in Season 7?
Tony must choose between NCIS and...?
La Grenouille=?

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