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LetterMovie TitleYear (Actor/Actress)
A2002 (Eddie Murphy)
B (tie for 2)2000 & 2002 (John Travolta) (Antonio Banderas)
C2004 (Halle Berre)
D2008 (Kim Kardashian)
E1962 (Richard Kiel)
F2003 (Kelly Clarkson)
G (tie for 2)2003 & 2001(Ben Affleck) (Mariah Carey)
H1986 (Lea Thompson)
I2007 (Lindsay Lohan)
J1995 (Pauly Shore)
K1996 (Shaquille O'Neal)
L1987 (Bill Cosby)
M1966 (Harold P Warren)
LetterMovie TitleYear (Actor/Actress)
N1966 (Coleman Francis)
O2008 (Shannyn Sossamon)
P1959 (Bela Lugosi, kinda)
Q2002 (Aaliyah)
R2007 (Nathan Phillips)
S (Tie)1995 & 2005 (Elizabeth Berkley) (Jamie Kennedy)
T1990 (Michael Stevenson)
U1999 (Gena Lee Nolan)
V1997 (Tommy Lee Jones)
W2008 (Larry the Cable Guy)
X1988 (Olivia Newton John)
Y1988 (Yahoo Serious)
Z2006 (Tim Allen)

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