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Fun clueShark SpeciesHint
Ruff ruff!!!This one isn't even called a shark!
A doctor's helper.Usually harmless despite its large size
Up to 40 mph!!!Known for jumping high out of the water
Watch out for these in a shipwreck!Infamous for eating USS Indianapolis survivors
Rawr!Has highly serrated teeth
This one is really sour!And gives live birth.
Think spots...Another one named after a cat
Who wants to bake some cookies!?This shark has the craziest teeth
Fun clueShark SpeciesHint
Don't wear red around this one!Can live is fresh or salt water
I love to eat seals!I think we're gonna need a bigger boat...
King, coho, sockeye...Named for an anadromous fish
Lucky number...More gills than usual...
Evil, mischievous, and grotesque...Deep water shark with a crazy nose.
Carpentry anyone?Known to swim in large schools
Mmmm, krillLargest shark

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