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What does SABR stand for
What kind of bullet explodes
What does a Colt M1911 fire
The model number of a Garand is...
The SOCOM M14 fires what round
The handgun given to every German general was what
An M249...
What is the actual name for an M9
A silenced sniper rifle is called a _______ weapon
The Remington model 700 has what type of rate of fire
What is an RPG
The M110 was modeled after what weapon
The 552-4 Commando is produced by...
What brand makes the MP5
The difference between the M4A1 and the M4 Carbine is thier
The FN FAL is made be what country
What is the cyclic rate of fire of an M134 minigun
The P90 is what type of gun
The Steyr AUG HBAR has what type of design
The first gun with which you could put more than one round into the weapon at a time
What does BAR stand for
The brand that makes the SPAS-12
What type of bullet do Sub Machineguns fire
The most common gun given to a soldier in Vietnam
What is the equivalent round to a Browning .50 caliber
The M4 Carbine can have only one type of grenade launcher attached to it. What is it
What does FMJ stand for
The assault weapon used by many Middle Eastern militaries is...
What country makes the FAMAS
The word for the amount of pellets needed to make a pound of lead for a shotgun
What does EBR stand for
An FIM 92 Stinger locks on to what type of targets
What does STG stand for
An Anaconda revolver shoots what
The MAC 10 was originally called the...

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